Fall into Cozy: Transforming Your Home with Autumn's Touch

Fall into Cozy: Transforming Your Home with Autumn's Touch

Welcome to the magical season of fall, where nature's paintbrush transforms the world into a symphony of warm hues and cozy vibes. As the leaves outside your window turn shades of gold and crimson, it's the perfect time to work a little autumnal magic inside your home. Fall is the perfect time to transform your home into a cozy, inviting sanctuary. If you’re looking to infuse some season charm into your home, and create an atmosphere that’s warm and stylish, there are many home edits that create an instant impact. Let’s dive into tips, tricks and handpicked favorites from the KED Interiors team to help you effortlessly infuse the spirit of fall into your living spaces.

Autumn Bedding Swap

The Taranto duvet features rich shades of moss and ivory, which come to life on the softest of Italian-woven sateen. Pair it with one of our favorite items, the Corina blanket, which offers the perfect layer for cooler fall evenings. By Sferra and available at KED at Home.

Lamp Love: Fall Illumination

As the days shorten, interior lighting becomes more important. Kathleen Glynn, AIA, “One thing I always notice in the fall is how different a room feels with good lighting. Plus they are on for twice as long! Often people only think about overhead lights, but table lamps, small lamps in bookcases, floor lamps in strategic spots make a big difference. I also always want the light to be warmer in the fall so I make sure the bulbs are all soft or warm white and I love the look of a good three way lamp on the lowest level.”

Rug Revival

Switching out your rugs can completely change the feel of a house. Coastal patterns and colors can be swapped out to something in a warmer, softer color. In our boutique, you can peruse a large selection of rug samples, which can be ordered in custom or standard sizes.

Seasonal Tip: Take a close look at your hall area rug and kitchen runners. Swapping rugs out every season out also give you the opportunity to send the summer version out to be cleaned so they look fresh next spring.

Dress Your Windows

When was the last time you changed your window coverings? What was a lovely view out your window in summer becomes a black void in the winter. Window covers don’t need to be heavy, panels or a nice grass cloth shade will do the trick. And a bonus, window treatments help prevent heat loss. Above you'll see a few fabric selections by the KED Interiors team.

Fall Into New Pillows

A decorative pillow swap is one of the easiest, fastest and most affordable ways to quickly update your living room and bedroom. Look for collections that easily coordinate and remember, it is ok to mix and match patterns and textures.

Layers of Cozy

Fall invites tones of warm taupe, terracotta and browns, and a great way to introduce these tones are in throws. These also make a beautiful gift, as it seems there are never enough “good” blankets when the family gathers around the TV on a cool evening.

Candlelit Comfort

We fell in love with the rich, fall hues of these tapers from The Floral Society! Pull out your candle holders and add these tapers to the table to add some autumn drama to your tables and fireplace mantels. Available in 5 fall colors: Parchment, Miel, Greige, Moss and Smoke.

Bookish Elegance

Decorative books add color and personality to your rooms. This is a great season to switch them out for deeper colors, and fall and winter oriented topics. Books are always an interesting conversation starter.

Paint The Walls

Color is coming back! We’ve chosen a selection of paint colors that perfectly match the season (and incoming color trends) you will be seeing everywhere in 2024. By Sherwin Williams: Rose Tan, Soft Sage, Useful Gray, Frosted Fern, and Tea Leaf.

KED at Home offers a delightful selection of furniture and décor gifts for the thoughtfully curated home. Visit us at our boutique in Barrington or shop online 24/7.


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