About Us

Accessories, art, furniture and gifts

carefully curated and selected by the KED Interiors Team. These are pieces that we love and items you won’t find anywhere else.

In 2020, founder Katie Wozniak extended her well known Interior Design firm, KED Interiors, by opening a retail boutique, KED at Home.

A passion for styling spaces led to the idea of the boutique, which was originally a “waiting room” for home accessories we discovered as we worked on interior design projects.

We believe..

Your home should do more than look good, it should feel good.

And it should feel (and look)  like YOU.

That is what “at home” means to us. Comfort, elegance, and uniquely personal touches.

This is the philosophy at the heart of KED at Home.

As a team

Our designers carefully curate every detail

Our client projects are meticulously crafted, down to the unique finishing touches that distinguish each space. These exclusive items are now accessible through KED at Home.

Within our boutique, you'll find an array of furniture, art, and accessories. Some are presented in styled arrangements, others in vignettes, all ready for you to take home and enhance your own spaces.

Rather than conventional shelves of items, each area has been thoughtfully arranged by our team members. This approach enables both us and you to compose vignettes that are deeply personal and truly one-of-a-kind.

KED at Home

Your home should represent everything you love and value, unique spaces of comfort and beauty.

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