Unwrap Kathleen's Favorite Things this Holiday Season

Unwrap Kathleen's Favorite Things this Holiday Season

At KED at Home, we're all about that sweet spot where style and comfort intersect, and we're so excited to share our 'Favorite Things' with you.

Curating our "favorite things" isn't just about showing off our carefully selected pieces; it's a sneak peek into the heart and soul of our design philosophy. Picture it as an invitation to our design team's personal shopping basket.

From the living room that begs you to kick back and relax to the kitchen that's the ideal backdrop for your culinary masterpieces, we're all about curating spaces that spark joy.

Join us this season, as we skip through rooms and items that make us grin ear to ear. We've got an obsession for the kind of design that's equal parts elegant and approachable, and we are bringing it to you.

So, what do you say? Watch your inbox this holiday season! Grab a cup of something cozy, get comfy, and let's take a journey through our 'Favorite Things.' 

First up is Kathleen, a seasoned architect and interior designer, bringing the perfect blend of creativity and functionality to her projects.

Her love for shaping environments is evident in her passion for gardening and painting, which infuse her designs with a unique, nurturing approach.

Kathleen, a practical and effortlessly chic mother of two, possesses an innate ability to create serene and sophisticated spaces that effortlessly align with your lifestyle. This month, we invite you to explore her personal favorites. Just like her designs, Kathleen's selections offer a harmonious balance of beauty and practicality, promising to inspire you.

See what Kathleen has chosen for this season.

Cunmin Pot

I adore the formal shape paired with the uneven color from firing, giving it an antique look. My favorite use? As a vase for dried hydrangeas from my garden, echoing the soft beige, brown, and purple hues—perfect for fall and winter when my garden rests.

Fabric Block Print Presses

In a tech-centric world, it's refreshing to embrace items that celebrate the handmade. These block print presses boast intriguing textures, a touch of patina, and make for a charming addition to any bookshelf.

Macrame Mirror

With shorter days, we all crave more light. Placing a mirror in a dark hall or within a gallery grouping brings brightness. This mirror, with its soft creamy frame, strikes a balance—adding light without being overly glam.

Spa Blue Floral Pillow

Holiday decor should transition seamlessly into the new year. Refresh your pillows with ones that last beyond the festivities. The soft blue, beige, and taupe in this pattern blend effortlessly, ensuring a beautiful look through winter and into spring.

Collection 8 Dog Study

Small pictures are versatile—ideal for walls, galleries, or bookshelves. This sketch, with its neutral colors, complements various settings. Plus, it resonates with me, reminding me of my own dog exploring the yard, savoring the scents, regardless of the season.

Keep an eye on your inbox this holiday season as we unwrap more 'Favorite Things' from our design team. So, grab a cozy beverage, settle in, and let the warmth of curated design inspire your home. 

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