Wallpaper is Back: A Timeless Tradition Makes a Comeback

Wallpaper is Back: A Timeless Tradition Makes a Comeback

From big bold patterns to gently textured fabrics, wallpaper is experiencing a powerful resurgence. In the world of interior design, we have always categorized wall coverings as a timeless accent and transformative tool that make small rooms appear spacious, large spaces feel cozy, and add personality and warmth to any space. This is not your grandmother’s wallpaper, and it is no longer confined to the realm of outdated décor. Let us explore the myriad of ways it can enhance your home.

Why is wallpaper back in the spotlight? Neutral tones have dominated in recent years, with stark white walls becoming the norm. However, the COVID pandemic sparked a desire for more cozy and personal spaces. Today, there is an increasing desire for something new and refreshing. Wallpaper is a novel way to introduce color and pattern into the home, allowing for more expressive design choices. Many of our favorite wallpaper designers including Melinda from The Vale and Erin from Relativity Textiles are artists that used their own pieces of work to launch their businesses and re-introduce color and patterns into the home. We recently hosted Erin at our boutique in Barrington, where she shared that she believes wallpaper is an ideal canvas for showcasing her the globally influenced murals, patterns and florals artistry. She believes wallpaper brings art into the home and infuses spaces with happiness and vitality. We tend to agree!

The first thing to know about using wallpaper in the home is the incredible versatility. We are no longer limited to using one style on all 4 walls of a room. Think of it more strategically, the designers at KED Interiors frequently use it as an accent wall or on complementing surfaces. We love using it on ceilings, to elevate the height or a ceiling or define a space. It can make the breakfast space within an open concept kitchen cozier, or a living room feel bigger. It can also add so much style to small spaces within a room, such as between millwork panels, on the front of furniture, or on the back of shelves. For example, wallpaper with just a fleck of metallic can add extra light without being shiny. Try it in the back of a China cabinet!  Large mural scenes may seem like too much for an entire room; in cases like this we have even framed the wallpaper scene and hung at the focal point in a room.

Let us acknowledge what you are all thinking! No one wants to re-live the nightmare of taking old wallpaper down. Advancements in wallpaper manufacturing have not only led to increased durability and practicality but these days even the glues used to apply wallpaper have advanced, making it fast and easy to put up AND take down. These new materials and improved glues make wallpaper easier to care for, with many being washable and scrubbable. Even vinyl wallpaper, often associated with formal settings, has evolved to cater to our more relaxed and casual lifestyles. The content of fibers has expanded, incorporating rayons and textured handmade options that offer artistic depth. Digital printing allows for customizable scale, pattern, and color, making wallpaper a versatile choice for personalized design. Do you have a teenager that loves changing their rooms? The introduction of peel-and-stick wallpaper provides the flexibility you have been looking for.

Take a peek at the warmth and softness this lovely floral pattern adds to our clients sitting room.

If you are feeling hesitant about choosing wallpaper, we recommend that you start small. Try it out in a mudroom, laundry, or powder room. If you love the feel, keep going! Consider the scale of the pattern and the impact on your space. While it seems counter-intuitive, a large pattern can make a small room appear more spacious, while small-scale patterns can almost appear as a texture on a larger wall. At its heart, wallpaper is an opportunity to add color into the design of your room. If you love bold color, look for vibrant patterns and go for it. If you love your neutrals, think of wallpaper as another opportunity to layer textures. Grass cloths and textured wallpaper are great starting points, as they introduce dimension without overwhelming the space.

We recognize that today the words “re-sale value” are powerful. We would like to remind you that your home should always bring you joy and reflect your personality, and wallpaper is an affordable and easy way to embrace that philosophy. While appealing to future buyers is important, making your home a personal sanctuary also carries value. Chances are, when your home reflects your individuality, it will also resonate with others.

Is wallpaper really a resurgence? At KED Interiors, we have always had a passion for using wallpaper and textiles as tools for enhancing the home in every way. With enhanced durability, practicality, and customizable options, wallpaper has simply evolved to meet the demands of contemporary lifestyles. We encourage you to explore the vast world of wallpaper, and let it breathe new life into your living spaces, making your house truly yours.

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