Neutral, Natural, & Textured Interiors: The Spring Edit

Neutral, Natural, & Textured Interiors: The Spring Edit

Welcome to spring 2023, where we are seeing nature welcomed into the home, with neutral and natural elements such as wood, stone, and natural fibers taking center stage in our bedrooms, living rooms, and work spaces.

The addition of organic elements into our spaces provides warmth and texture, and adds little touches of character and individuality.

Here are a few of our favorite new pieces, each of which we can help work into your rooms and spaces to update or create an entirely new look and feel to you home. 

From larger furniture pieces to small finishing touches, our boutique is celebrating an organic approach to spring styling.

Macrame Beaded Mirror

This coco beaded mirror combines just the right amount of vintage nostalgia with a whole lot of personality. We love discovering elements that offer these little design details that can't help but draw the eye. This wall mirror is the perfect example. 

Created with thousands of coco beads, this mirror frame features woven threads of beads that offer a hint of shimmer, highlighting the stunning craftsmanship and elevating a mundane piece of furniture into an artistic element.


Seagrass Nesting Tables

A favorite new addition in the boutique! We can always appreciate when good design meets high functionality, as it does with this neatly compact trio of tables. Complementary shades of twisted, natural seagrass, tightly woven in a large triangular pattern combining a modern aesthetic with a casual and relaxed vibe from the seagrass materials.  We would love to see this piece in a home office, or sunroom.


Woven Wall Art 



Art is a conversation piece and also deeply personal. This incredible piece not only draws the eye but it also cleverly inserts movement and shape into the room. 

When designers talk about layering neutrals, this is a piece they would point to as an example. This simple but dramatic, neutral artwork is the ideal piece to grace any wall of your home.


Sand Bleached Oak Side Table

An ultimately elegant piece, this side table is in sand bleached cerused oak with hand-cast brushed brass details. The square side table has a suspended tray bottom with a chevron-patterned shelf floating on a stretcher-like frame. The side table’s veneer is chevron-patterned: carefully selected and laid by hand to highlight the oak grain’s intricate markings.



The Finishing Touches: Small Neutral Accessories for Spring 

Milk by K.Hall Designs Candle

You'll find a beautiful selection of curated candles in our boutique and online but this new arrival is certain to be a favorite. This hand poured candle features a 60 hour burning time and couldn't be prettier, from the packaging to the glass jar itself. Place it on a book stack or as part of your shelf styling and enjoy the fresh and calming scents of essential lavender and lavandin oils.




Mango Wood & Marble Cheese Board

This serving board pairs mango wood with sleek polished white marble presenting a sleek, modern style. 

Combining two natural elements into a sophisticated design, this item is too pretty to be tucked away in the pantry, let's find a spot for it in your bar area or kitchen.


It's time to lighten up your home with natural neutrals that will carry you through summer. Visit our boutique in Barrington, IL and let us help you style your space, find the perfect gift, or choose the final finishing touches for your spaces.





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