Handpicked Treasures for Mom: A Curated Mother's Day Gift Guide

Handpicked Treasures for Mom: A Curated Mother's Day Gift Guide

At KED Interiors, we're a team made of moms and women who fully appreciate the joy and chaos that comes with motherhood. As Mother's Day approaches, we are reminded of the tireless effort and boundless love that being a mom requires. While we know that being a mom is the greatest gift, there's something uniquely  heartwarming about receiving a carefully selected (or hand-made!) present from your children or giving one to the mom in your life. Discovering a gift that speaks to your mom's unique taste and personality creates a warm and touching moment that will be cherished for years to come.

With that in mind, we've chosen a few of our favorite items to share with you. 


Porcelain Diffuser


These gorgeous porcelain diffusers add a touch of beauty to any space. The porcelain flowers work as a natural and eco-friendly diffuser, releasing the light scent of essential oils and botanicals into the air organically. They are the perfect for creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your closet, home office or bedroom.



Imagine opening up these dramatic statement earrings, which are sure to turn heads. While the extra large stones catch the light and add glamour to any outfit, they are incredibly light weight and comfortable to wear. Perfect for a date night or day at the office. 

Anyone can arrange florals like an expert with this new line of modern, light and sleek vases. Just below the rim lies a "flower frog", a grid-like series of holes that allows anyone to create stunning floral arrangements in just seconds. This sophisticated ceramic vase will look beautiful season to season, or even on display as a stand alone piece. 

 Flower Frog Ceramic Vase

We love using decorative books to personalize our spaces. What better way to highlight your tastes, hobbies and passions in your interiors? Choosing books that hold interest and beauty to you is an easy way to make your space uniquely yours. Coffee table books are often one of the final "layers" we create when styling a space and can act as a simple seasonal refresh.  From art and fashion, to pets and travel, there is a coffee table book for every personality. 

This Mother's Day, visit our boutique, or shop our online store, for the gifts that will bring joy to your mom's life. We've selected just a few of the many pieces of art, jewelry and home accessories available to you in our shop. Remember, we are always here to help choose and gift wrap the perfect gift for anyone in your life. 

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