The Art of Layering: The Finishing Touch of Home Styling

The Art of Layering: The Finishing Touch of Home Styling

Have you ever walked into a room and it just felt "finished"? That cohesive look is achieved by layering a combination of items that perfectly balance texture, personality, color and depth.

Layering can be tricky, but when done correctly, it is the finishing touch on a well designed room.

This season, layering is an easy way to give your spaces the feelings of fall, without having to resort to trendy or unsophisticated accessorizing. 

To create a timeless fall atmosphere in your spaces, we like to gently layer a selection of interesting home accessories. 

Layering home accessories


Books are one of the easiest ways to add interest to a room because there are so many ways to use them. They can be stacked, left open on a book stand or used as a pedestal for smaller items. 

Decorative books


Trays are a great tool for creating eye catching, small vignettes that capture the eye and are a great addition for fall. Fill them with just the right balance of interesting and functional objects.

We like the combination of a candle, a book or two, some beads and fresh flowers are always a great addition to a room.

Think about switching out a white or rattan tray for something deep, and dark. Touches of leather or patterned fabric can change the entire atmosphere of a room.

Soft Furnishings

Add coziness and color by switching out throws and pillows. Interesting pillows are one of the simplest ways to bring in some more risky colors and patterns to your space. 

While we love to cozy up under a blanket, throws have more to offer than just functionality. We often use them as a bright base of a layered area of a living room.

Sketches & Picture Frames

Objects that prompt interest and discussion are always a fun way to change the scene. Swap out spring photos for holiday photos, and pop them into a new frame for the season. Guests will notice these small edits.

Another favorite at Katherine Elizabeth is to source seasonal sketches, small works of art that can be layered in between frames and candles or leaned against one another on a mantel.

Pulling the Layered Look Together

Just like so many things in life, less is more. Sometimes just a 3-4 seasonal switch outs can completely change the feel of your spaces. 

Below is a bundle of products we pulled together for a kitchen. Cheese boards are so beautiful and an underutilized decor item. Think about using yours as a layering piece for mini-books, bud vases, candles or even a picture frame.



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