Introducing the Stephen Wilson Studio Collection

Introducing the Stephen Wilson Studio Collection

We are thrilled to welcome original works of art by Stephen Wilson to Katherine Elizabeth at Home.

These incredible, handmade works of art add beauty and color to the home.

Available online and in-store these unique pieces are available in a variety of sizes and can be used to fill an entire wall or as a stand alone work of art.

Gucci Work of Art


Stephen Wilson Art

Stephen Wilson began his career in New York City working as a freelance fashion embroidery designer and as a result his artwork has strong ties to the fashion industry and luxury brands. Luxury brands not only create beautiful items they create amazing packaging to go with them. We often hold and display these boxes and bags for a time and then eventually discard them to make room for something else. Stephen wanted to transform these items into art pieces in their own right and the luxury series was conceived. 

The luxury series  features  one-of-a-kind pieces of art using up-cycled designer boxes, bags and packaging as a canvas. Each piece is completely unique and original, using mixed-media techniques like embroidery, quilting and assemblage before embellishing it with handmade and surprising elements. All of the elements for all of the pieces are created in his studio in Charlotte NC. Whether offering a critique on materialism, a commentary on contemporary culture, or relaying the emotion of luxury itself, the result is so stunning - a box will never simply be a box again.

Each piece is sold framed in acrylic and is presented in a gift box. Shop the entire collection here.

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