Experience Our Lake House Living Style

Experience Our Lake House Living Style

A lake house is a" home away from home", and an escape from the daily life. The style should be a reflection of how you spend this valuable "away" time; including how you fill your days, your entertaining style and the loved ones that join you there.

This recent lake house project, developed by the Katherine Elizabeth Design Team, embodies that concept.

From the large oversized great room, to the basement bar, this lake house is designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

The Design Team of Katherine Elizabeth Designs invites you to visit this Showcase House.  This stunning home overlooking Lauderdale Lakes, is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort.  Nestled in between the tall trees, this home is not only grand in style but warm and welcoming for family, friends and guests.


Saturday, Nov 5th & Sunday, Nov 6
W5649 Forest Road, Elkhorn, WI
Complimentary to attend. 
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