Casual Cottage: Embracing Timeless Charm and Modern Comfort

Casual Cottage: Embracing Timeless Charm and Modern Comfort

How do you create a timeless yet comfortable interior for your home? One increasingly captivating design approach that goes beyond trends is a refreshing style we refer to as “Casual Cottage”, which combines the warmth and comfort of a classic cottage ambiance with a light, airy, and modern twist. At the heart of “Casual Cottage” you’ll discover comfort, and the very essence of what makes a house a home. A key principle of Casual Cottage is the flexibility to create a personal and harmonious living space, inspired by the family within it.  In this approach, homeowners are not confined by the architectural constraints of the house. Instead, we liberate the interior from fussy or overly traditional design, allowing us to embrace a more personalized and inviting space. In other words, your space becomes truly yours.

This leads to one of the key elements of Casual Cottage style: Functional Spaces.  There is a focus on creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also serve the needs of everyday living and reflect the evolving needs of our clients. Mudrooms expand, becoming more spacious and functional. Sub-kitchens and sculleries are added, where morning coffee supplies are tucked away, along with generous pantries and “prep” tools. Dining rooms become wine rooms, and unused bedrooms are re-purposed into sitting rooms, libraries or his and hers office spaces.


The use of natural materials and neutral palettes is prominent. You’ll notice elements of nature making their way inside, including weathered wood, stone, rattan, and warm metals. Natural stone countertops, wood beams, and woven fabrics add a touch of rustic charm.  Handmade tile backsplashes and grass cloth wall coverings provide an artisanal appeal. You may not realize it, but light itself creates a strong connection to the outdoors and is a vital aspect of this style. We strategically position windows and incorporate mirrors which not only brightens up the space but also makes it feel more spacious and inviting. Bringing nature inside is the basic framework for building out a space/home that embodies casual cottage.

Yvette Bass, a Lead Interior Designer with KED Interiors offers this advice, “I encourage clients to bring the outdoors inside.  Widen your windows, lower your window sills… allow the landscape outside your home to play into the planning of your interior space.  If that is not an option, I suggest adding plants and trees, inside the home.  That small change will greatly enhance any approach we take to completing their home.”

 As interior designers, we love how color can impact the feeling of a home. While neutral tones are most common in this interior design style, we will also weave in pastel hues or even some brightness that mimics the beauty of the outdoors. Look for moody blues, dusty pinks and deep greens to accent the soft neutrals of the palette.

Finally, there is always going to be an emphasis on comfort and simplicity. Furniture selections feature clean lines and a mix of design styles, from vintage to contemporary, and include subtle details that bring the room to life. This very approachable aesthetic will always feel welcoming, whether it be an inviting swivel chair an irresistible throw blanket, a deep set sofa, or even warm brass hardware that adds the perfect amount of shine. You’ll notice the use of texture, especially in the use of fabrics and layers.

At KED Interiors, we believe casual cottage style is really a celebration of individuality and is a timeless and endearing approach to home remodeling that truly resonates with our clients. We would love to talk to you about creating a harmonious design for your home. Please reach out to our team by calling us  847.381.9892. Or simply stop by our boutique and showroom to shop accessories, art and home decor that match the cottage casual design aesthetic.

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