Those Golden Days of Summer

Those Golden Days of Summer

This featured work of art beautifully captures the colors and emotions of late summer. Just as our schedules and lives transition from summer to fall, so can our homes.

We're inspired by the deep golds, rich terra cottas, vibrant greens and shades of pink lighting up the sunsets we've been enjoying this month. 

While changing out the artwork can be a challenge, there are many simple ways to add these to your spaces.

We often begin with something large and then add smaller items, such as books, personal sketches or small sculptures. Think of arranging the items in a way that they cascade out from the larger piece.

Remember, this is your personal space. Curating items that have personal meaning will offer cues for color, texture and scale. Let your inspiration spring from there!

Here are a few of our favorite late summer pieces. 

Vases & Bowls

Switching out vases and bowls are an easy way to add color and also adjust the mood of the space. You can opt for something elegant and neutral, or pick something fun, featuring a quirky color or pattern.

The Kahla vases feature that golden sheen that reminds us of late summer afternoons and they also add just the right amount of sheen and feature a funky architectural vibe.

Kahla antique brass vase

Coat Throws

What an easy way to make a seasonal statement. A bright new throw instantly declares what season you're in. This bright Amber Spice throw can be tossed on a piece of furniture and "voila"; fall has arrived, without having to put out a single pumpkin.


Natural Elements

If you visit our shop or online store, you'll discover a large selection of natural crystals and geodes, in a variety of colors and sizes. These natural elements are one of our favorite accessories. This large piece can be placed next to an end table to add some sparkle, and the smaller options are perfect for placing on a stack of books.


By layering these three items around a side chair or end table, you can seamlessly transition your home decor to the late summer season. 

See the entire "Golden Days" collection on our website.


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