Porsche Luftgekuhlt

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With over 250 color and black-and-white photos, including rare pictures from the plant archive - Informative text with all the facts on the brand's history, motorsports history and models Among collectors and fans few car brands are as highly coveted as Porsche. For five decades, the long-established company from Stuttgart built cars with air-cooled engines, which rate highly among lovers of cult cars. In this book, Dennis Adler tells the story of an era: from the first steps of company founder Ferdinand Porsche, to the rise of Porsche as a world-famous sports car brand, and from the first Gm nd Coup to the last Porsche 911 with an air-cooled engine and its distinctive full sound. As an experienced motorsport journalist and Porsche expert, Adler elaborates on the 911, 935, and others, with vivid photos and informative texts that offer news even to long-time fans of the popular sports car brand. Text in German.

304 pages, 11 1/4 x 9

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