Healing Stones 101 Event

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Please Join us + Maria from Infinite Warrior for a Healing Stone workshop! 

Thursday, March 2nd at 6pm

During this event together, Maria will talk about the significance of crystals and their benefits. Each person will receive an Intention Setting Kit. This kit includes three pocket stones all of which you will learn how to set an intention on, both verbally and on paper. Maria will then explain how to use those intentions.

Next you will learn how + why using essential oils on a bracelet is more beneficial to the wearer than just directly on the skin.   You will select a sandalwood or lava rock adorn bracelet with an essential oil blend to take home. 

Maria will do a fun demonstration showing everyone how to cleanse + recharge both their crystals and the space around them. This will be rather exciting as everyone will learn how to use both Palo Santo + selenite, both of which are in the Cleansing Kit Duo that you will receive.

For the event, we will have additional crystal bracelets from Infinite Warrior and other essential oils from eSCENTials Aroma to select from after learning about how they can truly benefit both body, mind, and spirit. 

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