Join us to celebrate Spring!

Thursday, March 3rd

12pm - 1:30pm

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Spring is coming! Nothing adds life to the home like the addition of living plants. While we wait for spring's arrival, this stunning combination of botanical mosses, and air plants will add a breath of fresh air to your spaces. 

Each attendee will leave with their own handmade creation, which includes a hand carved vessel, 5 air plants and the decorative botanicals surrounding them.

This soft gray, rectangle shaped vessel is the perfect size for a kitchen table, console table, or even your fireplace mantel. 

Air Plants are amazing little rootless plants that require ALMOST NO EFFORT to keep alive, so you don't have to have an eye for design or a green thumb to be successful at this workshop.

Join Katie from Katherine Elizabeth Designs and Heather, from Soil and Spade on Thursday, March 3rd at noon or 6:30pm for this fun and interactive event.

We will also provide refreshments and beverages for all attendees. 

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